Mina sista ord nar jag lamnade Paihia sist.

Okay, it's time to say goodbye to Paihia and everybody here. I've met so many AWESOME people here that made me belive in love and life again...

And thanx to my wonderful family who mad this tripp work out at all.... I'm sooo greatful for that!! The best family in the world!!

I feel so relifed and happy now and i'm sure you guys will notice my energy back home... no more tears and bad selfesteem, I have so much i want to do in my life. So much i want to see... the world is so big!!

IM SO HAPPY!! And now I know which friends i can trust and not... no more bad untrustable people in my life. Fuck no! (sorry for that) =/

Thanks to everybody at home for ALL your support and respect!!! It's not easy to be stabbed in the back like that! To me it's the worst thing a friend can do to a friend!! That was a hard journey in my life!!
But i'm moving on and who knows? If this hadn't happened, what would i be like today?? Cause honestly, how happy was i?? Not too much huh? Naah!

Thanx to HILDA for ALL your support... You really helped me and listening to your stories was so instructive!! You really hit me in my face with the truth, the fact that life is life and it's not always sunshine and smiling, you just have to make the best out of it!!! Everytime i cried or feel low you where there smiling and made up fun things to do!! Thank you! I hope we'll meet again... who knows? Maybe we'll travel together someday!!! =)

Thanx to Rich... for letting me stay in your house! And your dinner is the best! You're food is AMAZING man!!!! The day i got a text from my ex, when he told me he was in love with my friend, that day you took me parasiling!! To cheer me up! I loved it!! And your humour is the best!! And thank you for try to help me find nice boys.. well you did your best haha.. sorry for being so picky! =/ HAHA!!

Thanx to JULIA!!! I LOVE YOU LOTS GIRL!!!!! You make my life worth living!!!! Without you in my life i don't know what to do!! Im gonna miss you sooooo much back home but like you say: You'll get home and WE WILL ROCK THE TOWN THIS SUMMER!! Be the hottest girls in Mora and just have FUN!! =)
Gaaaah!! Love you love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay people! My name is Emma Jansson and this was my story to you about my time here in New Zealand, Bay of Islands, Paihia!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

See you back home!!!!!!!! Cant wait!!!!!

LOTS LOTS LOTS OF LOVE from your Daughter, friend, enemy, stranger.... whatever i am to each and one of you!!

See ya in SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!


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